Protection solutions for doctor

Huaren has been committed to providing professional X-ray protection products and overall solutions to protect physician health. Customers include thousands of public and private hospitals and medical service institutions at home and abroad. The product conforms to domestic and international standards and has completed the registration of Germany health department to be CE certificated.


5dca13bd12d1a.pngHuaren personal protective series use international standard lead vinyl material, compared with the ordinary lead oxide raw materials, it has higher protective effect under unit thickness, lower impurity content, even distribution of lead and strong anti-aging ability. You can also choose lead-free or lead component materials, they are lighter and softer at same protection level.

5dca13bd12d1a.pngMore than 30 patterns available and launch new designs every year. Other customization services include sizes and name embroidery.

5dca13bd12d1a.pngHuaren protective glasses are featured by various styles, light weight and customizable. Contact us, we will make the best recommendation according to your vision characteristics.

5dca13bd12d1a.pngHuaren initialized protective mask product, providing a new choice for facial protection.

Classical collocation

Advanced collocation