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X-ray Protective Suspended Clothing

X-ray Protective Suspended Clothing

Model HRSA-I
Dimensions -
Lead equivalent 0.5mmPb
Colours -
Material Lead acrylic, lead vinyl
Use: cath lab protection

5e44e6a8d0692.pngZero load protection, remove the burden on the body, avoid the damage to the bones.

5e44e6ac54ab6.pngErgonomic design, the upper part can be bent freely, waistline can be tightened automatically.

5e44e6ae3671a.pngOver 0.5mmPb seamless protection.

5e44e6b1451ee.pngFree movement within 3m diameter.

5e44e6b3647dc.pngCommon suspension system, easy to install and maintain.

5e44e6b52b84e.pngDouble or triple arms available for shield or lamp.

5e44e6b747d16.pngLengthened arms ready for complicated ceiling environment.