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X-ray protective Overhead Suspended Shield

X-ray protective Overhead Suspended Shield

Dimensions -
Lead equivalent 0.5mmPb
Colours -
Material Lead acrylic
Use: cath lab protection
Notes: with suspension system

5dde09700c789.pngProtect staff  from X-ray radiation during interventional operation.

5dde09700c789.pngLead equivalent ≥ 0.5mmPb

5dde09700c789.pngLight transmittance ≥ 80% 

5dde09700c789.pngExtension arm length 900mm, spring arm length 910mm.

5dde09700c789.pngColumn height customizable,

5dde09700c789.pngLengthened arms available. 

5dde09700c789.pngSupport world major DSA for over 20 years.

5dde09700c789.pngOne of the world's largest shield.

5dde09700c789.pngIndependent EU patents.

5dde09700c789.pngCE certificated in Germany.

5dde09700c789.pngComply with IEC 61331/ ISO 13485:2016 / GBZ130-2013